Green Earth For Environment Solutions – Qatar

Istanbul Sky Scrap Trading – Abu Dhabi
September 7, 2016

Green Earth For Environment Solutions – Qatar

Green Earth For Environment Solutions

Recycling Services

Our Qatar division plays a vital role in recycling. Our recycling initiatives are custom designed for various sectors, from corporate organizations, educational institutions to the community at large. In line with its commitment to the environment, we provide turnkey recycling initiatives like:
  • Collection and transport of recyclables
  • Provision of bins and related equipment
  • Reporting and Analysis of Projects
  • Customized education and awareness programs for Environmental Solutions

Dealing in Items for Recycling

We deal with the following items and send them for recycling:
  • Paper including newspaper and different types of cardboard and other waste paper
  • Plastic, which includes all kinds of plastic goods like plastic water bottles, containers, lids, etc
  • Cans / Metal comprising mainly of soft drink containers and used tins of food stuff
  • Glass comprising of bottles and jars of all types
  • Computer and other metal scrap